Prophecy – 2023 Overtaking Time

When I was standing down there, I got a picture in my spirit that I have to declare over you today. The Spirit of the Lord showed me a picture and I declare these words that the blessings of God, the glory of God, the wonder of God, the goodness of God is overtaking you. It’s overtaking you. It’s overtaking us. The goodness of God, the blessing of God is overtaking us.

I saw in the picture, in my spirit when I was in the front here, I saw like a motorcar travelling in a lane, and that is your normal speed of life that is going on. And then a car that is much faster comes and overtakes you. And if they overtake you with speed, it looks like you’re standing still because things are happening much faster around you.

That’s what the Spirit of the Lord wants me to say to you today that if you will trust Him and you will keep your faith exercised, the blessing of God is going to overtake you and the things that are happening in normal time in your life, God’s going to speed it up and it’s going to overtake you so that the normal things that are happening in normal time, God is going to overtake you and have them done in supernatural quick time. They will literally, the blessing of God, will literally overtake you. It will bypass the natural time, it will bypass natural things and it will overtake you. Hallelujah. The blessing of God is busy overtaking us as a people. Glory to Jesus. It’s overtaking time. It’s overtaking time. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus. Glory to Jesus.

You know, what I saw in my spirit was; it’s not like you have to go faster, it’s that God’s power, His glory, His anointing, His wonder, His goodness is just going to go faster than you can. It’s just going to be more than you can think. It’s going to just be better than you could imagine. It’s just going to be there. Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus. Hallelujah. Let’s just thank the Lord for that.


Now, you get into agreement with me that these words that I say, we are in agreement that this has an impact on your life, that this message changes your world today, amen, that you are blessed going out of here and you’ll be blessed all the way to next week when you come back. And all of those blessings are overtaking you. They’re overtaking you. They’re bypassing you. The normal time doesn’t matter anymore. It’s God’s time. It’s supernatural time. It’s spiritual time. Hallelujah. Glory to Jesus. Glory to Jesus. I declare healing power upon you. I declare the glory of God on restoring relationships, fixing that which is unfixable. Fix it, God. Fix it, God. Let it overtake me. Let the fix overtake me. This is not a bookie word, this is let the fix overtake me. That happened so quickly, you didn’t even know what I said. You know, bookies say it’s a fixed fight. It’s not a bookie word, this is a God word.

Let the God-fix come into your life, right now. Right now. Whatever it is that needs fixing, let God fix it. I speak the fixing anointing. I speak the restoring anointing, the redeeming anointing, the correcting anointing, I speak it out all over you, in Jesus’ name, so that you get into line with the blessing that overtakes you. Hallelujah.

I want to just say, you know, that our athletic club is called Slipstream because the one in the front is doing the work and the one behind is saving a lot of energy because you just stick in the slipstream. Yes? Hey, Jesus did all the work. Let’s just get in the slipstream. And as His blessing overtakes us, just get in that slipstream. It’s slipstreaming time. Hallelujah.